Oversized Permit Loads

An oversized permit load is a shipment that exceeds the legal weight, width, height or length limits established by the state or country the oversize load is moving in. If a shipment exceeds one or more of these limits a permit is required.

An oversized permit is required to ensure safety through possible obstacles a shipment may encounter on its route, such as construction zones with reduced lane widths, bridges not made to handle the weight, or low clearance overpasses.

houston oversize load truckingBecause of these special requirements, pulling an oversized load is an intricate process that requires careful coordination of both technical and logistical elements. ASAP Freight Systems has experience in expertly planning and delivering oversize loads within the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

If you’re looking to ship an oversized load, you want a company with experience and a successful track record, call ASAP Freight Systems to move your next oversized load!

A few items transported by our oversized load division:

  • Oilfield Equipment & Machinery
  • Construction Equipment & Machinery (cranes, front loaders, backhoes, etc.)
  • Construction Materials (Bridge beams, generators, industrial equipment)
  • Alternative energy Equipment (windmill propellers, solar panels)
  • Manufacturing Equipment & Machinery
  • Agriculture Equipment & Machinery
  • Pre-Manufactured Buildings and Homes
  • Control Room
  • Mining Equipment & Machinery